Sunday, August 23, 2009

Painting Inspiration

Inspiration is around us all, but how to select which inspirational path will be the most rewarding is a question.  I have been hoping I would see a form in the natural world which would pull my attention and find its way into a painting.  As I stepped into the river the other day, I saw the building on tall legs above the waterfall at the dam and I stood in the river and drew the sketch of it, then I went for my camera and took this photo among others.  My sketch was more elemental...but where is that sketch?  For me sketches disappear if not in a sketchbook.  Images are so often bound in the computer.  Oh, I need to stop writing and print up this image.  What is it about a building on tall legs over fast falling water?  Reminds me that much of my work focuses on the shift of the earth below our feet...maybe this is of similar spirit.


Altoon Sultan said...

What a stunning image. There's something marvelous about the geometry of the building against the rushing flow of water. It reminds me of 19th century American landscape painting.

Maggie Neale said...

yes! That's what I see too. Thanks for putting this in words.