Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bleeding Heart and berries

Another gorgeous day!  With the need both to write some here and to move along into the day, I have uploaded the image which appeared to me, not the one intended.  This bleeding heart plant was gifted to me when I resigned from the board of SPA and I planted it on my Wishie Cat's grave in the back yard.  Now the blackberries are growing in profusion near this area and I am enjoying them so...what an excellent addition to apple sauce to redden it and give it that special taste!  My thinking when I was picking them was the wonder of why I had them come to me.  As a child growing in Ohio, we picked raspberries each summer and peach trees grew on 3 sides of the house in large orchards.  I picked strawberries for 10 cents a quart beside the Mexican laborers on our farm for many years.  I could pick 100 quarts from 7 am til 1pm, but I never picked up the Spanish.  So coming to Vermont I have always wanted berries and fruit in my yard.  This home had strawberries and apples when I bought it almost 15 years ago.  The upper garden is now too wet for berries, but I have a few strawberries (Ukrainian plants) in the lower garden which were a great draw to slugs this wet summer.  I planted a cherry tree which died and now lilies grow there.  I planted blueberries--4 bushes and 2 are taking their time to adjust.  I planted red raspberries and beat back the weeds to have a small crop, but the blackberries have come on their own and they are happy plants, spreading and producing, adjusting just fine to their weed friends and taking over a back hill which wasn't producing anything of merit.  I am so pleased when something comes to me for nothing and makes something wonderful of itself.   I celebrate this arrival of luck!

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