Monday, August 17, 2009

Floating Ovals

Another hot day...amazing. Makes it hard to iron silk scarves or bake that bread. I sat on the computer making ads this morning and by the time I made it to back deck, it was quite stifling. Still I painted and it released me from the jangle of resizing images. This was painted during the last batch...22x72 paj, which is the lightest of silks, caressing against the slightest chill, shown here doubled over a rod. Each scarf is handled as a painting, dyed full out working for flow, continuity, composition, and color excitement. Feels good to spread my wings as i spread the dye.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

These "floating ovals" are quite beautiful. I'm amazed you must do it all in one going back over! How hot is it?

Altoon Sultan said...

Gorgeous. What is it about the oval form that's so satisfying? My next hooked rug is going to be overlapping ovals.

You've been an inspiration to get to the studio and work, even though it's so hot!

Maggie Neale said...

Oh, so happy to get comments! thanks! When I was hanging paintings in the big building, I was creating my own air and didn't notice the heat, when I stopped for a conversation, I was dripping sweat. Lemonade in the cafe now, but soon a swim in the river. yes, dying is fast work and no correcting...more an offering of the moment. Got to feel charged and have the dyes ready to flow. Glad I could be an inspiration!