Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bread and Puppet

The setting sun is now glowing in the trees...finally. We headed out fairly early today to walk a piece of property way up north...was it too wet for building upon? Rain was promising and the sprinkles were starting. We were adaptable and went toward Lake Memphamagog to check out the big lake which is shared with Canada. It looked like our afternoon at the Bread and Puppet Circus would have to wait for another Sunday, but we were near so we made it to the Museum. How extraordinary the museum is with Peter Schumann's work of so many years, puppets, big and small graced the old cow stalls and they almost came to life as we watched. The performers were practicing just outside the windows, dancers on stilts, and the music began. The Circus would happen in the theater, another performance was whispered because of the crowds, but we were so enchanted and satisfied by the museum that we knew we could wait another week to see the performance outside on the hillsides where it is best. Room to spread the wings, hills to dance up and down in great flowing much more expansive than within the theater. We bought a bit of "Cheap Art" and drove through the rain thinking of how we could heat up the kitchen with a baked squash. Bruce said "how was I so lucky to die and go to Vermont."


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Great images, and it sounds like a great day as well.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks, Leslie, and it was a great day. Do you know of Bread and Puppet?