Friday, July 31, 2009

Painting Horses

When I got called in for a job with vsavt, I didn't realize I would be involved with painting horses. What a canvas! We all gathered at local Watertower Farm. While some of the students rode the horses, other students got to know horses on a different level; painting with temperas mixed with liquid hand soap, we painted with curry combs and even our hands. Painted ponies in Vermont! The Appaloosa was a beauty with her painted coat and she was such a love about the handling, even her tail. The children were from a special summer school session and this was the final they would remember complete with painted horses and ribbons as reminders. It was a success all round.


Khan said...

Lovely activity, my girls have a game on computer about it and they have really enjoyed your images to see that this can happen in reality.
Circus pics are also awesome. Maggie your blogspot is interesting and enjoyable, mostly because of your beautiful paintings.

Maggie Neale said...

Faiza, so nice to feel your presence here in this blogland. Thanks for making a comment! It feels like a way to open up my world to others and I am glad your girls are enjoying also. Working with the children painting that horse was so inspiring!