Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Painting to Piano

Finding Form
To Bach
January Thaw
I am trying to catch up with myself. I had so much going on, I could hardly stretch and breath. Finally yesterday I made my way to the Camp studio, though a very soft tire tried to discourage me. I at least wanted to see the paintings that I did while Michael played improv piano on Saturday evening. What an evening! The audience filled the chairs in the Wood Gallery and seemed happy to take paper and drawing materials to their seats. I was positioned beside Michael with my easel facing the audience, my back to the watchers....mostly I painted quite unaware of the viewing. The music was enchanting, entransing, and I found myself in its grip even recognizing the notes coming to the end of most dancing to music not yet heard, but feeling it enough to follow in the path. Forms and colors met in this dance and I painted a piece to each piece of music, not finished pieces because I will try to find my way back into them to add more layers. I was working in acrylic and most likely I will add oil and textures to many. To Bach and January Thaw are both painted on record albums which have been resurfaced with canvas (black paint) and with wall paper. A record covering recovered to record the music. It is my little play with myself, experiemental and reusing that which is abandoned. The farmer's daughter in me comes through when money is scarce. I am grateful that I have learned to be has helped me so often being an artist and needing to find painting surfaces. So, today, I have time to paint again and I must end this writing and make my way to my studio.

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