Friday, May 1, 2009


Trip to Ohio, a success, and the painting, Bench Conversation, arrived in Vermont.  As mentioned before this painting was my final piece after 4 years of art classes at Bowling Green University.  This had been proudly hung above the couch at my mother's homes for 38 years.  Now with her in a "home", the apartment was dismantled and cleared this past week and an exhibit was scheduled to be hung the day after our arrival back in Vermont.  Now, in Burlington at ARTPATH, this painting hangs with 14 others in a show called STIMULUS IN PAINT for the next 3 months.  Odd and interesting to hang 2 paintings of another era with the abstracts I have been creating for the past several years.  Definitely some resonance and some pleasure that I can relate and feel pride at the work I had been doing 38 years ago.  It's also a good study for me to have this work around again.  As for the exhibit, my 15 pieces hang with 3 other artists who have been in the art field making work for many years also and the show is definitely  worth a visit.


Candy Barr said...

How terrific Maggie to have different eras hanging together! A mini retrospective... who knew? Sorry to miss you in AZ. Looking forward to VT rendez vous. Congratulations on the ART Path show.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Candy, happy cinco de Mayo! When the scene gets more together, you'll have to come over to camp Meade and paint or party. Seems like you got a lot painted while out west this year.