Monday, May 4, 2009

Artist Colony

A new venture has presented itself and I seem to have been ready to step into this one.  Just 6 miles west of Montpelier, there is an old CCC camp (from the 30's) which has undergone some changes, looking some years ago like an army camp with tanks and army gear called Camp Meade.  With new owners, Red Hen Bakery has come, building a lovely cafe.  Now there is a chocolate shop and a Weavery.  The cabins in the semi circle were needing occupation and Jaquelyn of chocolate has undertaken the challenge of drawing together a group of artist to inhabit the space.  I was looking for a studio situation, for painting and for opening to the public.  Voila!  I am now at Camp Meade.  The past 3 days I have moved over some supplies and painted a wall almost white to lighten the interior.  Bruce and I have put in a garden in the space emptied by the sale of one cabin, complete with scarecrow.  Today I painted the front screen, making my doorway different than all the rest.  It is exciting to make these changes, all without spending any extra money....the act of creation has always been important to me.  I can see the possibilities and run with them.  Still some cabins call for occupants, but enough painters and writers have come forth and we plan on making some happenings in the center space to call in our friends to come play with us there.  Keep in touch for more information.

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