Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring--new life /new studio!

So exciting to to have a new lease on art making with a new studio. While visiting there on Friday, after a lovely walk and fiddlehead gathering, I began to "put away" some of the supplies I brought out and an unfinished or maybe unresolved piece floated to the surface. A can of paint was handy and the new art making began. Just play on some levels but I could feel myself exploring for shapes and colors, overlapping and making changes. Change can be so exciting while making art. It also can bury something of potential value under a "mess"--part of the process and I can hardly wait to go and make change again. Mother's Day! Let's make more creation and nurture those paintings trying to become.


Unknown said...

Looks wonderful Maggie. Now you have room to paint those wonderful images of yours BIG!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Zappha, still exploring my materials, bit by bit. Worked there for one hour today, very cold today in unheated space. But I'm gearing up for something big. Glad you stopped by the blog. Please come again.