Sunday, May 31, 2009


When I called Mama's nurse to check in on her health and well being, I found that she had been released from her ankle bracelet bound. Set free again with a warning, but they did not want to call it that. I guess she had been reduced to tears and a call was made to my brother to agree upon its removal. I am so relieved. My sister is concerned that she wander and be lost. I know for myself I would rather wander and be lost than be trapped and unhappy. Perhaps that is my philosophy on life and why I have chosen an artistic path, sometimes lost and wandering, but not trapped and I want to have that be my way to the end. Maybe it was a warning to us, her children, that to have her in a facility with many to care for: that she would need to have her freedoms cut if her actions alarmed...then she would be alarmed. I am trying to be reasonable and to understand. The painting posted is one done early at university, which she has kept in her bedroom for 40 years. It is the one painting she wanted with her to be near her bed still. Watercolor and white tempera on paper and how well it has held up. Probably not archival, but loved.

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Unknown said...

A beautiful painting Maggie. It is painful to watch how we treat our elders. I am happy there are some very compassionate people like you in our world.