Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg time--rebirth

Okay, I did find another egg when I went looking for an image to begin my blog on this Easter day....this one came up with first browse and called out my name. I can't claim this as mine (Theresa Somerset)....much too fine and carefully done...perfection! Perfection was not demanded of my art making growing up. Perfection was not a word used too often in my family. We were more into getting the job done and moving along. Much was made and created each sewn, home textiles, cakes from scratch, cards and poems from my grandmother for different events...all with a bit of a teaching lesson. I was given crayons at 9 months for an activity during potty training as my brother was born only 11 months after me. I was rushed into being the big sister and because I was quite content to drift into day dreams, I was left much to my own making was one of these special devices that I took to: paintings, drawings, poetry and stories, crafts of all sorts. I was always rather experimental in art forms. And how I loved to paint eggs and to hide them! I remember my Easter egg year I maxed out at hiding 120 eggs in our yard in Chelsea for many differing ages of children. Some eggs were found in the summer and even the following year. What a lark! To see the earth just in its rebirth, the new sproutings and bits of green was one of the highlights of egg hiding. It was a way I could explore my yard which was so very enjoyable and memorable. But so nice this year to have a subtle Easter...chocolate from the chocolate bash, fund raiser for WGDR, last night, first seeds to the garden yesterday, candles lighting our breakfast of hard boiled eggs and toast and then a healing gracefully (age) show on WGDR. Rebirth continues. Happy Easter to all who come to the end of this writing.

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janetvanfleet said...

New life is a great thing to contemplate, and it seems important to keep in our minds how fragile it is and how much we need to modify our behavior as a species so that the earth can continue to be reborn.