Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A beautiful day is calling me out, but since I am finally with computer access and realizing that I haven't made an entry for 10 days, I am delaying my sunshine walk. Out in the desert now and the air is invigorating my constricted VT winter self. My feet walk easily when there is no ice and my eyes are relishing the sights. Camera has clicked and perhaps I will figure out how to post some images through another's computer. There is also time in this day for some drawing which i have only brushed upon before today. Being with my sister who has always run at a higher looks delightful on line but sense the online vision is velocity than myself has kept me jazzed and i have traveled with her to many environs in the state marveling at the diversity and grand beauty. Could I live here? We are exploring that question. Tomorrow we will head off to visit the local intentional community which overblown from the actual. And walking in local mountains after a lunch of excellent food prepared by Liisa who has a real knack for tasty, natural and local fare. We are grateful!

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