Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zapotec Appeal

Done in Mexico after sketching in the museum of antiquities...2004 only 9x11 but feels bigger.
My sister calls this my alter ego.  I am working from a new computer all it is a learning curve for me once again.  I emailed an image which didn't come through and now how do I get rid of the blank?  I think I did it!


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Kelly Clark Boldt said...

Hello Maggie,

I feel that I know you a bit since I have been an admirer of your's for a number of years now. I first saw your work in the artist's guild in Montpelier a few years ago and have been looking at your web site periodically since then. You are quite an inspiration to me -- your way of thinking and looking at the world -- through color and creativity. I never thought of myself as an fact, just the opposite. After I saw your silk paintings, I started painting on silk myself. My very first step into the world of art -- or at least art coming out of my hands and soul. Now I am taking design courses and a whole new world has opened to me.

When asked at the doctor's office the other day about my occupation, I laughed to myself and wrote "artista" (I live in Bolivia). Guess I am seeing myself in a different light.

I love reading your blog and have had a good laugh tonight reading about your horse (with blinders at that) and the snow frog. The blog entry about the artist Lucinda Mason was touching -- as it turns out, my sister and I were traveling in Vermont and happened to go to an exhibit of this artist in Burlington in March two years -- the month that the young artist went on to other dimensions.

Thanks for your inspiration. A soul friend from south of the border.

Kelly Clark Boldt, Santa Cruz, Bolivia