Sunday, February 8, 2009

Impasse or Collision

Though I finished this painting a few days ago, I have been struggling with the title...Collision is not what it is, but the word is not coming to me and when I see this painting small on this screen it looks so different than the painting I thought I had created that it confuses me. Each digital image is only a moment of a painting...a tease of what that painting really is. And now that I have seen a horse's head....well, it disturbs my balance.
What is also disturbing my balance is not to be able to load my new images on the my computer is failing to recognize the USB and my printer is also lost to the systems are failing. I am baffled and my mother's mind is failing...she thinks my brother is her dear and long dead husband and I am "honey". What has been going on in just this past weeks is rapid progression into dementia and we 3 children don't have all the pieces together for the next step. Next week I make the pilgrimage to my mother's home and take my turn making the next phase of her life more comfortable than the present...may we all find grace in this journey.

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janetvanfleet said...

Gee, Maggie, not only is it a horse, but it has blinders on!