Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back deck painting memories

As I was going through some images to make a selection for Artisans Hand's site, I came across an image from last summer of scarves drying on the back deck. Oh, brought back the memories of painting free under the sun with the breezes and the other sounds of nature about me. That is some of what my scarves are about. Somehow the thought of painting in my small space inside doesn't pull me into a creative realm. Yet it is many months in this north land before I can think of outdoor painting. How the seasons of Vermont affect my art! I was painting with acrylics and wanted to work outside but they dried too fast, so I went back to oils which were wonderful when I painted in Mexico but they dried too slowly so there I added beeswax and copal to speed the drying. Glad I can be adaptable and with that adaptability, I will soon be using my tight indoor space again...but it makes me wish for a studio once more...a big loft space with French doors so I can easily move from the interior to the outside light and air. How will I bring this into my life? Anyone have any ideas or a studio you could loan to me for a while?


janetvanfleet said...

Sorry you left your studio at SPA, which was such a great speace!

Maggie Neale said...

Ah, yes, but financially the cutback was necessary and I wanted more outside air. I love my workspace in the spring and summer and even worked outside through October though drying was getting difficult. I love working with the birds and the frogs singing along with me. Just my adjusting to january chill and whiteness!