Sunday, January 4, 2009

Want to Art Talk

What an curious thing to write out some words and open these up to the public, or rather whoever should happen to wander here or wonder here. So, it is a new full of possibilities and hope for change. I have seen in the past 2 years Art galleries closing because of not making enough money. Well, perhaps we have to all figure out our lives with less money. My life has always been thrifty and creative because I have chosen to live as an artist in a country which doesn't consider that art is essential to a full life and that artists might need bail out for struggling artists or art, no, no, we have to shrink our lives into a shrinking budget, or we could be those who believe that abundance is with us and all we have to do is believe it abundance. I wish I could feel the abundance almost within my reach and all I have to do is believe in it. Oh, wandering wondering mind scooping up some words when I really ought to be working on the about to be renovated website.
This image is a detail from a silk chiffon scarf which I have just put up for sale on Artisans Hand's website. The colors are cheerful on a winter day and really the silk chiffon is remarkably warm for the lightness. Amazing fabric--silk, and to think it made from fibers spun by a many many threads in each silk inch. Anyone have anything you might want to add to silk talk or color energy talk?

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