Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As the year ends, memories come. This painting was created during the last days of Tumba's life. It began with great earnest...something to say. The woven piece, a relic, found its way into my hands and the painting proceeded from there. The spirit escaping came as a direct link with my acceptance and recovery from the loss of the faithful cat of many years. This is a personal process painting...one I put in a solo show in City Center when the work was still drying...with a price on it. Since bringing it home, I have become more aware that this piece is part of my journal for 2008, part of my story and perhaps is worth far more than the small price I had assigned it.

Always the question of what stays in the personal collection and what asks for acceptance into another's life....My son Jonah asked for a painting for his new apartment and is so amazed at the transformation of his living space with the added energy of the painting, with its pulsing breath still audible. He breathes with it and feels fuller.

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