Sunday, December 28, 2008


Gail was over for the holidays and was so taken with my puzzle made 10 years ago by painting over a 100 piece child's cardboard puzzle....both sides. I had completed the puzzling myself...looked too hard for my sons and was pleased to see again the painting I had made there. Well, Gail was so excited...thought I really was on to something....maybe for a small audience, a small following...she and me. There was another puzzle in its box sitting on the table. I had not seen this painting for some years but she was so thrilled with the idea that she happily received this gift....I'm hoping she puts it together and I get an image of the completed painting. Gosh, it is such an honor to have someone really be excited over one's work...makes it all seem like it is worth it.

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Peg said...

Hi Maggie. Thanks for the color! Its good to have some of your work at home. Congrats on being recognized again as the super artist you are. Nice blog and connection to other sites/blogs. Good "visit" to Vermont. Teaching at a school not far from Barack Obama's home, but in a different kind of neighborhood, using my reading certification, which is great. Happy New Year! Love, Peg