Saturday, December 27, 2008

New oil pastels!

Still in one of the 12 days of pear tree...the boys have taken their energies off to town and I am on my own which means I do a bit of art and then do the computer thing to actually put a bit of art in the air...out to chance public...sharing rather than hording....a thought for this coming year to resolve. Wonderful to have fun loving playful children around again. Ezra just turned 32 and Jonah will soon be 30 and they are such boys when they get together at Mom's house. Fortunately for me, they are both easy with kitchen work and cooking so it all shared and do we ever eat! Oh my!

Gifted my art self with some new oil pastels....more creamy than i usually allow myself and what fun to use. i have some new blank canvases waiting also. After the holidaze of making gift items, it is so lovely to consider that i could be a painter....more a hibernation exploration. Comments from anyone accepted....

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Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to seeing all the cool new work you make with the creamy pastels and the new canvasses!