Friday, October 10, 2014

Garage Reawakens to ART

Nothing like a good community ART challenge to get my attention.  I do love making a neglected building come alive with ART.  Last month Montpelier decided to make an Arts Festival.  Yes, short notice!  I heard about it at our Montpelier Alive meeting and suddenly I am the point person for the largest empty space in Montpelier donated to bringing ART to town.  With the urging of Sue at SPA I gathered the studio artists and the added some other local talent.  It is happening.  Lights turned on and Art abounding throughout 2 large floors of many individual rooms.  Over 20 involved souls and the excitement rises for the soft preview on Saturday during farmers market which  bubbles with energy neighboring Garage.  Come see I say to you all.
Only a pop up--no heat, no water therefore no toilets!  And October does get chilly in Vermont but community and talking art can be warming.

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Good luck with the 'opening'!