Thursday, November 28, 2013

Give thanks!

Giving thanks that the storm seems to be gentle, that I am baking again, the turkey is organic, and that I have made connections with my family via phone and they are well.  Bruce and I are having a peaceful day with good smells reminding us that dinner is in process.  Tomorrow Jonah and his family will come to share the day with us and help us feast. 
Whole painting, my last, called Uplift and already presented in SPA's celebration show.  I can give thanks for my love of painting and that I have a studio in which to exercise this need and love.
Latest scarf prompted by a request for colors of the forest in late fall.  I love the red oak leaves which hang on with such determination.
I give thanks to all who take an interest in my work and words.  You are part of my connection to this earth.  Thanks.  Blessed be.

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Altoon Sultan said...

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday; enjoy the time with your family! Thanks for the good wishes.