Thursday, November 7, 2013

Discovery and discoveries

My life rolls over me, buries me in its many waves of work and worry.  Still I find time to get into the studio and paint; time forgives me there and I forget some of the minutia of daily life.  I have been given some larger stretchers and I have allowed myself to make some larger paintings because I had this up coming show at City Center for the month of November and the space can hold some larger works.  Discovery is the title of the painting, the title of the show and discovery is what I am doing in these days.  Last Saturday Bruce and I carted in 44 paintings and arranged their groupings.  It was truly amazing how well these paintings came together to tell a larger story than individual pieces.  Of course, I woke early Saturday morning and started placing them in my mind for hours before we actually arrived at the designation.  It is always a revelation to see one's own paintings exhibited in a large spread; made me realize i was actually achieving something not just "messing around".  The show has been up for 5 days and I get the word today that they must all come down because construction commences on Monday morning with walls coming down.  No warning; not even a hint was passed on before the eviction notice, but it a public space we ( Art Resource Association) have had the use of totally what can I say?  My opening reception is tomorrow night 5-7 and it will be my closing reception too.  I am considering leaving the paintings in the front hall because I have sent out postcards far and wide and if folks came from away, there would be a bit of a showing.  I made a very handmade video of the show coming in from the rear and posted it on my wall on facebook; I'll see if I can upload it here in another post.  Bruce will be using ORCA equipment to video the show and me talking about it tomorrow...maybe I can put that here too.  Oh, discoveries; there are always so many discoveries.  So many words and not enough color as my paintings and photos are all on another computer; thanks for hearing me out.

Here is Emergence; greater than 50 inches high

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