Thursday, July 25, 2013

When a detail means more than the whole

Up with the dawn chorus, my mind whirling and I grab the IPhone to make a post.  Where have I been?  I wonder myself.

This detail has been on my mind which seems greater than the whole painting.  I zoomed in with IPhone lens, hit the magic wand button, and now I see much more than I did before.  I am trying to find the truth here.  

Here is the whole lying untampered on the deck of my studio.  I posted it on for $25 as it is an over painting on canvas board unframed and ready to find its owner....I thought.  This drive to produce and then the overwhelming weight of work piling up...the compulsion to try to place into the wider realm.  Well it takes more energy than one might imagine.  It presses on me now.

Be well ye spirits who linger here.

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