Monday, October 1, 2012

Monoprint Workshop at SPA

Crazy how these days fill and pass.  My sister came for a short visit; we crowded many days into few and wore ourselves out.  Then I had a monoprint workshop at SPA with Jane Davies.  Textures on top of textures, color layers.  I, of course, just had to put too much experimentation in each piece.

If I weren't so busy making scarves for scarf season, both silk and hand woven chenille, I would be playing more with this printing process....I did just have to get myself some more colors for enticement. 

 This 8x10 fit so nicely in the frame...hmmm

 Just a few more examples; if I put them here in a collection, they will stay together.  I'm not so good at keep papers in order.
I was surprised how exhausted I became in a 6 hour workshop; I am quite accomplished at shifting my work jobs so I don't get so tired; 2 hours here; 2 hours there.  I got absolutely dithered after 4 hours; made some lousy decisions, and then got a second wind.  This piece has some of the flavor of the new wind.

 Here is Jane Davies getting ready to demonstrate.  She kept the class hopping with new ideas.
 my collection mid process---below is another student's grouping.
Meanwhile outside the road crew was doing printing pressing a brick pattern into the cement edging.  How funny to realize they were printing...then my battery went....
And now my internal battery is very low and I must recharge myself.  Good night to all!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

You produced a bunch of beauties! Interesting second wind pieces! I love the monoprint process...have been using a gelatin plate and printing on fabrics but only good for a couple of hours, tops!

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Mary Ann, thanks for your words. I hope to get to printing on fabric, but I need to clear up some space in the full of dyes now!

Velma Bolyard said...

nice, looks like you had some great play and learning.