Friday, August 24, 2012

Rock, Real or Imagined

 This week I found myself speaking up for a show in Global Gifts for the September ART WALK.  I've been working on a few paintings which all seem to concern rocks on some level or another.  Two images have been entered into the selection pot for the STONE show at SPA and the director there hasn't made up her mind yet which one she will use, so I consulted other images for the brochure for ART WALK, but I named the show ROCK, Real or Imagined and even looked up rock in the dictionary.  Words continue to intrigue.  The above painting has been coming into being for the past couple of weeks.  Yesterday it deepened and solidified...but do I like it better than it was before, pictured below.
 Painting is amazing that can change and the other views shift and are gone.  You can't take it back.
This painting has slightly morphed with another layer and this new Artists Butter Medium I that I have just discovered.  A new medium is such a treat, renewing...almost better than a new tube of paint...can you believe I just said that?  Something moody about this one, hmmm, a bit abstracted, yes?

This painting, called "Drifting" works for Rock in a couple of ways.  I see those boat shapes rocking as the water rocks and rolls.  This one finally came across clear through my camera lens and was scooped up for one of the images for the upcoming show.  So much to think about in preparing for shows; I wish my painting shows were as lucrative as my silk scarf business, but at least, I have the silk scarves to pay for my painting is my therapy too.  I'm lucky to have worked it out.

I hope you are all working it out in these last fleeting days of summer.


Jeane Myers said...

gorgeous paintings Maggie!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Jeane, I've been practicing real hard!

Altoon Sultan said...

I like both rock paintings very much, each with a very different character. The first one is solid and heavy like boulders, the last painting has an air of brightness, as sun bounces off water.

Velma Bolyard said...

yes to the rock paintings. very good!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Altoon and Velma for your votes of confidence...Rock on, rock.