Friday, March 30, 2012

Sharing the tales in painting and photos

 I really thought I would get back here for more posting before this.  I know if I got more comments, I might have more incentive to post again sooner.  I also could put up one image with each post, but once I commit to posting and look through images, so many shout out to be noticed.
 I've been painting these small paintings, some only 4x4, or 5x5, or 6x6...exercises, studies, mostly done with palette knife so simple shapes, wonderful chance for color mixing.  It was fun for me to line up several images for this post ad see them in a run, a family.
 I called this one "Sympathetic" when I posted it to flickr a couple of days ago...tones are soothing.
 This one surprises me....not static...maybe too much going on.
 This landscape was started before my travels.  Brown paper was torn and embedded with wax to begin the painting.  Taken from a fading photo of the fields from my brother's backyard...Ohio.  I put another layer on 2 days out when I have paint on the palette already mixed, anything is fair game for added paint and things can alter with that added paint.
 Parker Canyon Lake south of Tucson...many won't go there because of lovely and unpeopled, but heard on the news that someone was hurt just a couple of days after our trip there.
San Xavier Mission, "White Dove of the Desert, one of the oldest missions, west of town.  Met up with Liisa for the Pow Wow with dance contest.  This was taken from my seat in the bleachers. My photos of the Pow Wow are so chaotic, so full of color and form, I can't understand them yet, but this elegance is worth looking at many more times.  Seems the mountains echo in the form.
 Saguaros east of town while walking the Douglas Springs trail...beautiful.  Yes, it was a good trip....many facets to it other than family drama.
 Boboquivri, sacred mountain, close to Mexican border.  This mountain is distinctive and can be seen for many many miles.  Walking in its presence was a blessing.
Janet asked me how I would present these small paintings.  I just happened to have this small frame to hold the 4x4.  Tomorrow I intend to make a journey seeking out a few more small frames.  I like seeing this one in a frame.....I just thought they would be small and flat and I could hide them away in a folder when they are dried....or should I try to sell them?


Altoon Sultan said...

I think that these tiny paintings are lovely. They have a sureness of mark with rich surfaces, and the color sings.

Maggie Neale said...

Yeah, Altoon, thank you for your well chosen words; brings more light to the morning.

janetvanfleet said...

Oh dear, Maggie. I think there's probably something in common between making art and writing a blog. Why do we do it? Is it to hear something back from the world? I fear we will all be left brokenhearted if that's what we're hoping for! Not that I know what the reason is, but it's a question I keep asking. On the frame question, I remember that Axel once made a lot of small frames that we used to frame tiny work for a show above the coop in Plainfield many years ago, probably using the leftovers from his framing business -- the ends that couldn't be used for other projects. Maybe he has some with your name on them!