Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rain, flood relief, and moving the spirit through art

Rainy day...another rainy day!  I worked behind the sales counter at Artisans Hand today; not easy to be trying to make sales.  I had planned to make a journey to a gallery in Waitsfield which had called for more scarves, but with the rain and the trip to be prolonged because of roads and bridges still out from the floods (Irene)....well I just couldn't do it.  I came home and then escaped to the studio.  What a good decision!  I made some good progress on paintings and even started a large one.  Since I didn't have my camera with me, I have not paintings to post.....but yesterday was a glorious day with sunshine and I painted silks on the back deck.  The above image is a detail.

 Here is the full scarf still drying and pinned on the padded table top.  There will be changes as it dries, gets steamed, and then washed.  It's a gamble but one I have been making for years so I'm pretty comfortable with it.  Do I see evidence of the flooding and the breaking apart of structures?  Perhaps.

 The evidence of the flooding and devastation is all around us and we are feeling it indirectly if not directly.  Good Night Irene Benefit Concert in Waitsfield Oct 7; just heard that more than 700 homes were destroyed.
Another burden is the elevating cost of everything.  My silks have almost doubled and shipping is getting  higher all the time.  The post office system is in trouble, but people can hardly afford to use it...gosh, email is taking over.  This image is a jacket already sewn that I have carefully pinned down and pass the dye through 2 layers at once.  I had the idea of black and white, but I have such a grand time mixing colors that it became a game of grays.   The blue is the table top already gaining dyes from other scarves.  I hear tomorrow will be sunny again and I have some more dying to do....

Bruce and I got out to use our Green Mountain passes at a State park in Elmore.  This incredible fresh mountain stream comes flowing from the top of Mt Elmore.  All the falls certainly picked up our spirits.

Be well folks and find your creative spirits dancing.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautiful the grays. Your state has taken such a and roads just gone. I'm glad your spirits were lifted even for a short time with this glorious falls.

Altoon Sultan said...

The silk painting looks beautiful. There is such a correspondence between these and your paintings; they feed each other wonderfully.

Maggie Neale said...

Greetings to Mary Ann and Altoon, fall is falling, the monkshood blooms, but I'll have to wait for sun and silk painting. Thanks for your comments. Good to not be in a total vacuum.