Thursday, April 14, 2011


 Challenged to make a piece for the Lost in Traffic show at SPA, a local art gallery....this is collage and oil painting, 20x20 on canvas. I used a decaying map of Vermont, from 1975 when my husband and I were trying to settle in this state, with aging postcards from a German pen pal, a ancient map of the world, and a map drawing by my son when he was very young.  It is nearing finish and has been challenging and exciting while I wait for spring. Many intersections.
 This painting got some more work today, much more color, but it doesn't seem to resonate the more color here...hmmmm.  I was painting Maine coast in my anticipation of going there for a painting retreat for the last 2 weeks of April, but plans change.  One of our art group has just been told of her breast cancer, detected early from a mammogram, so we have postponed our retreat until October in solidarity with Kathy.  Somehow going to celebrate painting the ocean while she undergoes surgery just didn't feel I am trying to make my painting retreat right here in Vermont.
 I traveled to Waitsfield to make a scarf delivery and had to investigate the new spring scenes with my camera...part of the painting retreat, yes, and intersections, more intersections.  Will this scene become a painting?
 Some barns can't hold the snow weight.  Why am I always so fascinated with barns in collapse?
 Intersections...looking into that barn
And stone walls show their beauty once exciting to see Vermont without the white.  Crocus pop up in my yard, and the rhubarb has a wonderful red nub just emerged, but no images here, only the words.....more later.  Happy spring!


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Yes, the rhubarb - we have green leaves now, maybe 8 inches across. Pie...happy painting!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I so like this collage...intersections you say...great!
Glad you are finally getting your Spring...lovely photos!

Unknown said...

I'm pleased your snow has gone. I picked the first rhubarb last week and it was.....well, you'll know soon from when yours is ready! Enjoy the Spring.

Maggie Neale said...

hello Leslie, Mary Ann, and Annie! So nice to fine your smiles and words this morning! Rhubarb, can hardly wait, but I'll be doing the green to red in silk work today in remembrance.

Altoon Sultan said...

Here are lovely intersections, actual and metaphoric.