Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Studio Time! Re-exploring the Maine Coast

 These longer days are delighting me and that's good to find delight when the weather is painfully cold still....such a slow, even stuck, foray into springtime.  Glad I can get lost in my painting!

This 20x24 oil is in its 3rd day, getting more formed.  In 2 weeks I'll be returning to the Maine coast as our group has a painting retreat, renting a large home hanging out on the rocks at Rockland.  My thoughts turn to my other visits there and this painting was conceived and undergoes its making.  It isn't finished but seeing it in this form helps me understand my path.
 Second day viewing....somehow I can't seem to go abstract from a photo.  Maybe I need this test...enjoying the process.
Here's my photo that I'm working from....just a 3.5x5 color copy, but it opens the memory of my 10 days there on the coast in 2006.

Best Friends Forever!  That's what I christened this one when I finished it today.  Only 12x12, cradled board and my palette knife was happy with the surface.  This one came alive on its own.

Hope your inspiration is springing in!


Altoon Sultan said...

The paintings look wonderful, both abstract and landscape (you know I love your landscapes). It looks like Maine is a great inspiration.

Maggie Neale said...

Morning Altoon, Maine is inspiring, as well as the time dedicated to being an artist there. So good to dive deeply into art time.