Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Winner is....

Montpelier is the winner of the most Valentines from the Valentine Phantom...these were the tallest hearts.  I'll post more photos later or tomorrow.
Altoon Sultan is the winner of this earthy chiffon which seems appropriate as I have been so enjoying her earthy posts and gardening advise from her Studio and Garden blog, a true delight in itself.  Her name was drawn from the 9 names who commented on the post offering this scarf a week ago.  Thank you to those who responded with some wonderful comments about this scarf and scarves in general.

With the pile of names with energy wishing to be drawn, I had to draw one other slip and that name was Seibert, Pat Seibert, a friend from my school days, who teaches kindergarten in Ohio.  Since I had another scarf to be placed on sale on etsy or to be given away, I'm choosing to send it to her in the heartfelt  giving spirit of Valentines Day.  Here's to you, Pat, and to all of you for being here with me.  Let's do it again in the spring.


Amelia said...

those hearts look amazing - what a fabulous idea and wild idea :)

Beautiful scarves too.


Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Amelie for coming by and sharing your words.