Saturday, February 12, 2011

Old Painting Resurfaced and Art Group and Influence

 This painting showed in an exhibit 3 years ago, hung up high in the kitchen, but has been calling to me for attention.  This past week I resurfaced it shifting the light to give it all more form.  12x12 oil/wax on canvas.  It now pleases me and rocks!
 On each second Tuesdya my Art Group meets in one of our studios.  My studio this past week even though snow was falling and covering everything.  Cheryl Betts came from snowy Charlotte to show her oil painting removed from its stretcher for travel.
 As an art group we talked about proposing a group show.  Cheryl Betts, Kathy Stark, Alex Bottinelli, Janet Van Fleet, Liz Nelson.  Ann Young was home sick following her trip to NYC.  We've been gathering to show our art and discuss art for many years.  Next year will be 20 years from the start of the group.
 Cheryl's painting, 42x50, always so much more beautiful when actually in its presence.
Kathy Stark talks abut her concept of this growing grouping of small encaustics.
View from my third floor window of our white and snowy world on this Tuesday in February.
 New small painting begun with oil pastels while working with my student.
Next day's version with added paint, wax, snowy white presence.  Something cold comes into the work and the wonder of how much we are influenced by our associations....the art group, the elements in the air.  My work was more strident, strikes, anger, sister pointed this out to me and I could see it.  My work has softened, curled, embracing forms.  A shift with the influence of words and nurture.

May you all find care and warmth and love on this Valentine weekend.  Drawing for the scarf in previous post will be on Monday.  I'll be posting the winner, collecting an address, and sending it on its way.


Jeane Myers said...

Maggie, I love the first painting! so strong and also the one you started with your student :)

nancy neva gagliano said...

like jeane, loving that first painting soooooo much!
want to touch it, like a rock or pot!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Jeane, it is rich. Looking forward to working on the other.

Thanks is touchable, wish you could too.

Alexandra Bottinelli said...

Maggie --- what a good job you are doing with your blog! needless to say the art group photos are rich with history and at the same time 'in the moment'.....thanks for visiting me at my new blog --- how do I become a 'follower' of you?

layers said...

I think an art group of your peers is a great idea- and a group show should be a terrific experience.