Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gathering Evidence

 It has been a snow shoveling week.  I canceled all plans for Wed the cross quarter day which meant no dancing too.  Sad to miss it but it was safer to stay off the roads.  Friday glowed brilliantly and I hopped on over to the studio which is a trip of some 7 miles...some travel days are slower than others.  i gave myself a couple of hours before my student came to work with me and I worked on this painting.  I was hoping I would be making some huge changes to it, but it remained itself but more firm.  i am obviously still working on the movement, the warmth under the surface which rocks and rolls all that come upon it.  I can see life here forming and breathing.  20x24 on canvas, oil/wax.  Can't wait to work on it again.  Maybe tomorrow.
 This large paper drawing began with a layer of gesso, scared with a palette knife, mostly oil pastels with thinned out oil paint.  Maybe 30x20, maybe larger.
The woods glows with sun on fresh snow.  I am trying to take one of these photos into a painting soon.

Gotta get dinner night.  Yes tomorrow I do hope to take images of the scarf which will be offered for my blog drawing...the February give away.  This all takes more prep and thought than I would have thought.  Come back to see and offer up your comments because I will be drawing from your comments for the winner.


Altoon Sultan said...

A lot of shoveling for sure, Maggie. The work looks good; I'm especially drawn to the work on paper and its interesting coloration. And isn't the light on snow beautiful!

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Altoon, yes, that marvelous light on snow, and that lightening last! Trying to broaden my color use...thanks!