Sunday, October 3, 2010

Seeing the world through a camera or not

Yesterday we went on a walk and I took my camera, which meant I would stop and focus and interrupt the flow of the walk.  Bruce is understanding and has his own interests as we walk.  Sometimes nature makes its own still lifes which can shift with the breeze.  Catch it if you can.

The water ways were high from the great rains of the past days, even part of the path was under water as the path joined with the river.

Around Montpelier, the leaves don't seem so brilliant this year and I was happy when I saw red!  Maybe the lack of brilliance was part of the reason I didn't take my camera today when I rode up with my son to continue the process of getting the second yurt established in Lowell.  As we drove through lush golds and oranges I wished for my camera, but also realized I could see with my whole body when I looked full on, not trying to find the best angle.  I could more easily absorb the beauty and keep the conversation going.  Such a good time to be in communion with son and nature.
 My camera used up its memory just as I was going to take the milkweed pod, so I had to stick it in my pocket to bring home.  Now perhaps all those escaping seeds will settle here.  My wait until I got home was rewarded also as my photos were more considered.  I was so happy with my work on them that I left my camera on the back deck all night and couldn't find it this morning.  Perhaps that was also why I didn't take it....punishment!

My one pumpkin saved from the garden just before the frost; could not risk frost on the pumpkin.  This image is the direct result of finding the camera on the back deck and letting it warm up/defrost.
Oh!  Not a clear image (end of day poor lighting again) of the painting/fiber piece I have been working on for the past months.  It is finding an ending place and seemed to want to come into this post with sumac turning and milkweed releasing.  I am trying the title "Passages" on this painting 24x20 which I might put in the Fiber Show at TW Wood Gallery in November.  They also want a large silk hanging too.  I could fill the gallery but it is a group show so I have to share.

Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend and have tales to tell.


Unknown said...

I love the shot of the pumpkin with it's optimistic leaf.

Maggie Neale said...

Optimistic leaf, I love that calling. I was trying to wait til it was less green. I think it will ripen inside. I am optimistic too!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Maggie,
interesting to see those little milkweed seeds... enlarged your photo and was able to see the shape of the actual seeds so much better. Interesting as I have not seen this in real life!
Hope you are enjoying your days...
best Sophie

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Sophie, glad you enjoyed seeing the seeds. I thought of you as I working with milkweeds in your part of the world? I am enjoying my days; hope you are also!