Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reflection--what's above, so below


Just before I finished a post tonight,  I lost all that I had written and images gone too.  Discouraging, so I am posting only this image of the painting, 12x12, that I have been working on.  I had the preceding 2 views which didn't seem that different when seen as small images, so since they disappeared, we will leave them gone.  This painting began with 2 triangles of silk noil, dyed, cut outs from a piece of clothing, tatters and remnants, comes to mind and I think a series is coming with that theme.

This piece was a reflection when I began and it still has some reflecting quality.  ah!  a remnant of the reflection from the start.  Today I covered over some of the orange, worked up some of the green and purple areas and I added stand oil to allow for some surface gleam in parts.

I am working on some small paintings for a holiday show at Studio Place Arts.  It is my goal to sell a few paintings before this year is out...or at least trade them for services or loan them.  Somehow I need to come up with fewer paintings at year's end so I can rejoice in making more when January comes.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like this reflection piece...love the use of fragments, pieces of cloth, the triangles...all pulled together nicely with the rich greens and purples.
My friend is selling well with small canvases in our local studio tour...best of luck on sales!

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Mary Ann, thanks for your words of support. Wild winds whirling the leaves. Transforming energy.