Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Ends--delights!

Looking through the looking glass at the many photos which comprise a weekend and how can I choose only a few to tell a story?  The weather has cooled, sleep was easy.  The storm Earl gave us sporatic showers but not really enough rain to quench the thirst in the garden.  Yesterday I wandered in the woods behind the house and got turned around and found myself on another road.  Bruce was worried and looked for me.  His heart was hurt when I got back with forest finds and tales, so I got out the hawthorne cordial which I made 2 years ago.  It is strong, such a beautiful color and seems to aid the heart immediately.  I couldn't resist a photo opportunity.
When we made up the soup using these black trumpet mushrooms we purchased from "The Wild Side" at the Framer's Market, I had already snapped a couple of photos.  I have in mind starting a book with photos of our wild crafting foods.
 Our cat Echo found himself a lovely place to be on the upper deck on a golden pillow.  He is pleased with the cooler temperature also.  Such a sweet boy.

The rain came, the winds blew, but by the time we got over to Millstone Quarry for the "On the Planet" event which SPA had organized, the weather had turned to sun again.  Janet, who went to Japan earlier this year, speaks, Sue is looking cold in her shorts, and several of the Japanese artists who made sculptures stand at the gateway.  We are about to enter a magical place.
Dancers performed at the quarry in honor of biodiversity and the sculptures.
Complex photo.  The sculpture the dancer danced to stands in the background.  The waters in the quarries were so clear they held reflections well.  I was stunned by this place so relatively close to home, yet where I had not been before.
The walls of rock silenced me.
Looking through birch with the sheer rock standing so tall behind, I was fascinated.

The last installation on the long walk was by a Japanese man who was standing with his work when we got to it.  I am trying to no avail to remember his name, alas.  He had made a large screen which captured the shadows in the forest, a brilliant piece, but then the sun was brilliant at the time which certainly showed his idea off well, as the shadows danced and sang shifting with the breezes in the spotlight of the sun.  I was happy to tell him how successful this piece is, give him a bow, and carry the light down the hill across the meadow to the picnic waiting the guests.  What a lovely experience!  Thank you, SPA.

Yes, I have been painting silks, washing them and begun the ironing.  Maybe tomorrow silks will find their way into the blogland.  I hope you all have had a weekend of delights.


Unknown said...

I wonder if you are allowed into these woods when there is no art there? It's a stunning place. I love the shadow screen.

Altoon Sultan said...

These images add up to a lovely weekend. I love the final installation piece of woodland shadows; it's a new way of capturing the beauty of the woods.

sophie munns said...

The quarry is such a wonderful place Maggie!
Some of those images were stunning.
Looks like you participated in a most interesting event.

Mushrooms were something - how did they taste?
What an adventurous weekend... glad you were not lost for long!
Have a good week!

Maggie Neale said...

Good morning Annie, Altoon, and Sophie! So good to find your words this morning. This quarry is open all year for walks, biking, and cross country skiing. The sculptures are up for 2 more weeks. Woodland shadows worth seeing in its changing quality. Mushrooms were very tasty!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Now that was a rich photo tour! The stones, the quarry and water left me live in a most beautiful area and peopled by awake and aware souls. Love the shadow screen too!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Mary Ann, glad you enjoyed. yes, rich in many ways rich I forget how the snow piles up and lasts just a bit too long when others are smelling flowers.