Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cosmic Captivations

The rain came and the weather cooled again today after a glorious day yesterday which found us playing--Farmer's Market, yard sale, Local Growing Festival with donations going to helping plan a garden at every school in Washington County.  I did a workshops on nature's herb help to stay healthy in the winter and gathering my own seeds.  The food was all local and so delicious.  Later I went off to the street dance with bands from Maine and Boston.  What a day.

So today I worked and that felt fine.  I got 2 scarves woven in oranges and golds like the leaves bursting soon into their radiance.  Then I cleaned out the veggie drawer in the frig by making a big pot of soup.  I still had time before my son came over for dinner and I ran off to the studio.  The painting above has not been in my favor.  I thought I would totally change it, but the painting stayed strong in its form, but it expanded in its depth and I am liking it now. 12x12
This 12x9 got another layer of paint and some stand oil for gloss.  The light was dimming so the photos are how this looks in the flesh better than here.
Yes, this one (12x12) too seems to lose its glory in this form.  Jonah says its too pale especially in comparison with the other 2.  Yes, this is definitely not finished, but it always helps to see the paintings in a new light.  Thanks for coming to see what's going on here with me.  Hope you all have had a good weekend too.


Altoon Sultan said...

Maggie, the ongoing work looks very rich. I very much like the pale, thinner painting next to the other more saturated and densely worked ones; I enjoy seeing a variety.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I think I would have so much fun joining you "in a day with Maggie"! I don't have the stamina for more than one day though, you cover ground and accomplish. From community connections to family to studio!
I like these two and believe the third is moving along...catching up to the depth of the first two.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Altoon and Mary Ann, It does me good to come back to contemplate these paintings and nice to know you've been looking too. Variety for sure in paintings and in life. I'm tired to bed.