Sunday, September 26, 2010

Conflicting stories

I'm conflicted.  I have to admit it.  We have just had a huge apple tree cut down in the front yard, by my son mostly.  When I went to get photos to tell that story, I happened past these from the trip to Maine and found myself loading some of these on for today's tale.  This is a quick sketch with oil pastel and watercolor on a stretched canvas, thinking it was the under painting.  I want to get to the studio soon to continue work on this one.  Small at 12x9.

I love the memories I have had this week of our time at the ocean.  I am excited to report that our Art Group has decided to return in April for 2 weeks and rent the big house for our retreat and painting experience.  What a great birthday present I will give myself in 2011!

Tide out.  The big house is just beyond the point in this image.

We did love the cabins.  This is our front room which made into the sleeping space for one of our 3 artists.  Not open in April, but maybe we might return in Sept...
What a mess!  My paint tray after playing with mixes.  Andrew Wyeth painting on these shores.  I was surprised and pleased to see how little blue he used for his waters.  Maine grey was prevalent but he made it majestic too.  We visited the home of Christina's world.  I ought to get a post going on that also...later.  Yes, more later.


Altoon Sultan said...

Maggie, your trip to Maine seems to have given you a treasure trove of images and feelings to work with in coming months. How nice to have a group of artist friends to travel with!

Maggie Neale said...

Yes, indeed I am feeling fortunate to have this group of artist friends to work with and now to travel with. "Treasure trove" I like that!