Saturday, August 14, 2010

Country visit--Vermont Summer

It has been a wild week with a visit from Ezra and Shannon.  My role as Mother has returned and I do give a lot of myself to it.  It's been great having them, don't get me wrong.  Ezra was here for a few days last Sept just after Bruce bought the land in Lowell.  I remember his visit there with us.  Shannon had not been here since 2 winters ago when the land was different to view.  VT summers are a favorite and they both have been taking it in big.  Our visit to Lowell was too short, but we fit it in.  We even offered up the yurt to them and they had a great experience in the yurt on the edge of the forest.
The center dome and ceiling rafters are such a mandala.  Watching the sky change through the eye hole is a whole experience on its own.
Their footprints left at the door....

I am surprised to not be attached to my camera these days with the visitors....I will be sorry not to have photos later.  Tomorrow Jonah will be over and we will do the final brunch.  I must get the camera recording.  Some of the other family want to I wandered in the yard for a bit today after silk painting, and making the call for loom maintenence parts and played with the camera.  Ezra and Shannon are off having the last Vermont summer experience, hiking, swimming, dinner with old friends and I am on my own again reclaiming some of what I like about my life when I live more quietly.  I even got a short visit in to the studio using Jonah's car while he works.  Yeah!  I did paint.....Bruce is doing his Yurt workshop at Yestermorrow...the second one.  I am rambling, my time is up.  I need to pick up Jonah, get that fish cooked and then be on hand to welcome in the family and be ready to listen to the tales of the day.
Almost a mandala too, like the center of the yurt ceiling ...comparisons....pinks!
Enjoy the wonders and the wonderings.


Jeane Myers said...

loved the picture of the yurt! :)

Unknown said...

This you live there or maybe have the yurt there? I am in awe of that sky watching through the dome hole.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Jeane and Annie, yes, yurt is on the edge of this wild field...a magical place.