Friday, July 23, 2010

Speaking of progression...and rocks

Sometimes I need to challenge myself in a painting task.  Sometimes I wonder why I am making these internal landscapes which are so personal that others fail to claim them.  I could paint canvas after canvas, but I become overwhelmed with my amount of product.  I could paint over what I have done and I do that, or I could paint a landscape from a photo of a place my sister loves and she would love to be given this painting.  It is such a different process painting from something already captured.  Do I imitate or take it off in its own direction?  Sometimes painting is about the experiment of a new capture.  Yesterday I started this piece, 20x28 maybe.  Here it is bare bones laying the first colors over a rough pencils please.
When I left yesterday the painting had been given another layer.
Today though the light was dim with a rainy day, I painted more on the "scene".  The big rocks on my sister's sacred land seem to be speaking.  When I return next, maybe I'll keep the paint moving though I am finding some pleasure in the piece as it stands....for the moment.

It's been good to return to the studio for 3 days in a row.  I am trying to finalize some paintings because next week I'll be hanging a show in a 10x10 Caravan tent for a 3 day art festival in Stowe, VT.  Big event which coincides with a craft show there.  I have done the craft show many other years.  This is the first time I will be introducing myself in the art part of it.  I'm listed as "painting on canvas and silk", so some of my large hangings will be shown as well as some smaller silk paintings on scarves.  I am preparing for the event on several levels.  Gosh, how we can challenge ourselves.  Makes life interesting, don't you agree?  Have a good weekend all!


sophie munns said...

Hi maggie,
lovely to hear from you!
and.... your postcard arrived!!!!
I am still recovering from the huge week before last... so have not yet posted all the cards.... was SO delighted to get mail all the way from you over/up there!
HUGE thanks... and by the way.... very much like the work at the last post with texture as well as what you are doing here!

Maggie Neale said...

Sophie, nice to hear from you also and glad my postcard arrived. It was fun to think of you and homage to the seed. Glad you found enjoyment in my work here. A slow week is a good thing.

ArtPropelled said...

I also like the painting just the way it is and I really enjoyed the progression. What did I ever do without the internet?
Good luck with your show next week, Maggie.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Three days of art festival...there is excitement to it and I know plenty of effort in setting up and just being there. I wish good weather and friendly folks!
This piece has your marks clearly and yet I see the spirit of the land...three days in the studio...grand!