Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Packing in the fun in a short summer

Time is flying!  The summer has brought on the heat and the days are already getting shorter.  How much can we cram into each day is always the question.  I painted on Saturday but not on canvas or silk.  I painted on faces of many precious very trusting children, standing in a line to get my decoration.  I was working with Georgia in front of Artisans Hand as part of Montpelier's Independence celebration.  In 2 hours we did more faces than I thought possible.  When there is a line, it is hard to linger on each.  This girl was certain she wanted a big flag.  Later the photographer from our local paper spotted her and she was pictured on the front page.
I grabbed another quick shot here; the butterflies were getting simpler.  Her brother standing behind her wanted a grasshopper....now how do you make a quick grasshopper?  Many questions, but no time to dwell on the answers.
The show must go on....and it did with a fabulous parade, many politicians getting their face out there and Bread and Puppet outstaged them all.  Stiltwalker birds and frogs perform at the corner of State and Main.
With the heat turned up the search for water is on.  We stopped at Lake Eden.  Just being by water cooled us.
We were headed up to Lowell to prepare the yurt for its first guests....us!  When we lay out the bedding, I could look up at the sky through the tono.  Beautiful.
And the sky was doing its changing.  This would be our first sunset in our western facing field because we didn't have to rush homeward before dark.  Isn't this an odd sky?  If I painted the sky just like this, would it be believable?
Amazing to have the luxury to sit and watch the sky and it was the best of fireworks for the 4th of July!
Hope you all had pleasures in this past weekend.


Unknown said...

Love the shots of the sunsets skies, but my favourite is the circle of sky through the yurt roof. What a view to doze off beneath!

Altoon Sultan said...

Lovely images from what looked like a very special day.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Annie and Altoon, so nice to find messages from you both, as I crawl slowly into another hot day.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

What a great community...celebrating the 4th with such a creative parade! Your face painting sounds like fun and with a touch of RUSH!
Envy your night in the yurt with these sky visions...summer pleasures...it's only July...August yet to enjoy?