Sunday, July 11, 2010

Homage to the seed and other artists

Inspired by Wafrica fabrics by Serge Mouangue, Cameroon, in previous post, I laid out a big piece of silk and painted in a big way with some stamping.  It felt good to let the dye flow even with the heat.  I had to work quickly so the drops of sweat from my brow didn't fall upon the painting.  This photo shows the fabric still stretched on the table top.  It is in the plastic bag waiting for a collection of silks to gather before a steaming happens.
This is the scarf of silvery rain, which was truly rained upon when a sudden shower happened as I was working on it.  My quick thinking saved the day and the scarf is now posted to etsy for sale.
Finally got to the studio and found this painting waiting for its next process in the resolve of the painting.  I called it Mineral. (12x12). I've clarified the areas, brightened the white and given it more mineral colors.  It is nearing a finished stage in time for the outside show I'm doing this next weekend at the Stowe Street Arts Festival in Waterbury.  If you are in the area, come see me there....silks and paintings. 10-4
Just begin, but already some excitement generated. 12x12
A promise made to Sophie Munns in Queensland who has a wonderful blog and project called "Homage to the Seed".  She has asked for postcards from the blogosphere speaking of homage to the seed and I have mentioned my interest.  Here is the first potential for this postcard.  Oil pastels on yupo....must I spray it so it doesn't dissolve in the mail or do I put it in a next trip to the studio will be further experimentation.
Meanwhile the flowers come and go from the yard and fast!  These hollyhocks have been prolific this year and way ahead of schedule.  When I purchased this potted plant from a benefit plant sale, the ticket said black.....Definitely not black!  My aversion to white is diminishing and I am quite enchanted with these fluted white wings, the center rose with the pollen dustings.  Such inspiration in nature's color transitions.  Enjoy the beauty all around!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

BUSY! Working backwards...I so like your homage and I would pop it in an envelope for it's long trip! Love your new beginnings and that graphite scarf is stunning! BUSY looks like fun!

Maggie Neale said...

Mary Ann, you give my day an additional lift! Thank you! yes, art busy is fun!

Altoon Sultan said...

The silvery scarf is very beautiful, Maggie. I love the subtle colors that are like a mist. The painting Mineral has a similar color range; did it influence the scarf, or vice versa?

Maggie Neale said...

I seem to be in a neutral range, yes, subtle, Altoon. The scarf before the painting, but a series of grey/neutral works are happening in silk and on canvas...though today I painted yellow and blue. Have you seen Susan Russell's paintings hanging in the Kent Corners Museum. I need to blog on them...splendid!