Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Different Sunday than Most

Gray afternoon waiting for the storm....Here I am at the computer with more images loaded in to show...are you ready?  This scarf is just a tease because I'm not really going to be talking about scarves, but I do need to get this posted to etsy, as it wants to move.

We had our big meal in the middle of the day, so no dinner fixing tonight!  Jonah was just back from Detroit where he attended a US Social Reform conference, thousands of people!  He was ready to eat some home cooking and watch some soccer.  What fun we family.  Doesn't happen very often, what with our busy lives...alas!

But a walk was needed, the day was overcast and not too hot so we decided it was time to venture the path up from the Capital building.  Yes, there is a huge wild park just behind and above the Capital.  What an amazing city Montpelier is!

Capitol building with forest, path winding

Benches along the way

 even foxglove!
and a tower on the top with other park visitors
Wonderful stonework; I am fond of stonework and arches.
A 360 view at the top.  Even on an overcast day, it was picturesque, though this is only good because I have the real memory to charge up.  Still it is giving me ideas.
Bruce was glad for a seat.  It was all uphill and he is feeling a bit on the downhill side of things.
Yep, the path downward.
So, now home and I am trying to figure out this painting.  Yes, blurry to start with, but interesting to see in the context of the stones and stairs.  I am looking at it from a fresh angle, feeling more curious about this piece which started with such a promise and then got more confused as I added the paint, shifting its focus and burying that promise....why does this happen?  I thought I would paint over it, but when I put it on the easel the determination to erase this painting shied and I found myself attempting to strengthen what was there, perhaps searching for the meaning lying hidden but wanting to be found.  Maybe I can get to the studio tomorrow and get a better look at it for you and for me.

Hope you have all had a weekend of wonders.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Amazing your photo above your art is all angles and blue and lines...a connection seems to be will be interesting to see how you work this blue baby in the days to come.
Your city is beautiful...rare indeed to have a forest behind or near a capital building.
Summer weekend...good sleeping after all the hiking!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Mary Ann, I really appreciate knowing you are here.

Unknown said...

We are being baked in the heat here - you might have seen our sunny days on tv from Wimbledon, so I have been missing my long walks. Your lovely forests are exactly what we need! All that shade so close to the town.

Altoon Sultan said...

It looks like you had a lovely day, Maggie. I've never been in that park, which seems wonderful; I especially liked the inventive bench. Enjoy the studio work, rediscovering the essence of the blue painting.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Annie and Altoon...not quite baking here, or lovely today. My black and white scarves just became rain spattered. The trials and tribulations of working under the sky.