Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer of Nostalgia

Summer of Nostalgia
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Summer is coming to Vermont, the garden is growing, lily of the valley smell up the living room making my nose gay, and my commission of a royal purple cape has been produced. Whew! The postcards for our New Work show are designed and at the printers and I have even cut out a couple of jackets to sew up for the New Work show reception June 4, and the Fashion show the next day. I've been busy and I've had to limit my blog time to get these other things done. I've missed checking in with you friends and I've missed posting, but I had that big list to deal with.

I have also missed being at the studio, but have snuck in a few visits there. I've made up some fresh wax substance and it is so creamy I had to stick my fingers in it and spread it around on canvas with papers and fabrics embedded. Luscious wax! And a nice collection of textures came easily to hand to apply. This 12x12 has several working times in it but it is still not quite finish. I just wanted to be able to share a visual with you. I hope your working times have been successful and that inspiration is in your hearts. Have a good weekend.


Altoon Sultan said...

The "Summer of Nostalgia" looks beautiful, and with a wonderful title too. You sure have been busy; I'm glad you checked in on the blog. Enjoy the coming summer days!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Altoon, yes, it has been a whirlwind of work duties, some put off til now, but heavy on the top of the list. Just got in form a garden much calling to me there. What are those darn red bugs eating my lilies?