Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Return to the Studio

After putting up the second show of 27 paintings in City Center, I needed to take a break from making paintings.  I can be very productive, but it is important to back off and get some of those other things done. On Mother's Day it was very cold here and perfect for a studio visit.  The space was clean and all my supplies were put away....no mixed paints waiting to be tested, or even to see if they could be reworked.  I found some paper and the oil pastels under the table and put color to paper.  I was off!  I gessoed a couple of large papers and stapled a piece of canvas to an old frame and gessoed it.  There is joy in preparing surfaces, using a large brush to smear the gesso around.  Once I get rolling I am a dynamo...did I really say that about myself?
Here is the large paper sketch, poorly cropped, I see. and still unmeasured, maybe 22x36.  I had taped it to a large corregated cardboard and the corregations show added more texture to the drawing.  At Art Group today, Janet commented that I was getting more comfortable with white.  So right she is!  I see that my interest of the shifting of the forms beneath us still holds true in this piece.  Movement is captured and explored and the shifting continues.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Getting back to studio time and preparing with gesso...it's all magic to me! I like this piece and I like your comments on it's movement.

Altoon Sultan said...

Wow, back to the studio with energy so soon after mounting a big show. Looks great!

Maggie Neale said...

It's my last month at Fort Can studio and I want to make that last month mean something. Wonderful to feel the fresh energy moving.
Thanks, Mary Ann and Altoon.