Sunday, April 18, 2010

Working through Vapors

Much studio time, as I am getting ready for a showing.  So much to do to present paintings, like finish the edges, determine names, affix screw eyes and wire.  I am trying to finish off paintings before I start new ones, but the celebration of the WORK (finishing) is to start new paintings!  This small square, 12x12, has only light washes over the drawing, some color added but mostly the oil pastel drawing....2 sessions on work and I am already calling it Vapors....if someone claimed this one at this point, I could let it stand as is, but who knows how I will feel when I look at it tomorrow?
This painting, 30x20, has been a soft beginning, some ugly brushwork, and now it is coming around again, gaining form, but trying to stay more with the vapors, the mists.  I wonder why yellow seems so important to me these days.  I do have several lovely yellows and I can open each tube, which helps.  Maybe it is the daffodils, maybe the need to make light on these dark rainy days as i wait for the sun and warmth to come back to us.  Ah...make light...I am trying.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Love your work. I see a blue bird.

Maggie Neale said...

Oh Leslie, I see that blue bird now both of them. Are you painting these days?

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Vapors, mists lovely yellows and blues...I like these and I see the blue bird too.

nancy neva gagliano said...

LOVELY work...i had a friend invite me over before sending her paintings off to a show, we had wine, and looked and came up with the best titles for her pieces: random assosciations maybe.
celebrating spring,
rain bringing vapors
bringing light
bringing light