Friday, April 16, 2010

Watery World

Rain today which is an improvement over the snow which lay on the ground this morning.  I did this small watery piece before I left for Tucson to be amazed by the desert.  Oil on yupo , 9 x 13.

Last Sunday Bruce and I ventured to Lowell with the need to get 9 apples trees into this meadow.  The pines border the property on the road side.  Several were cut in December, not with our approval.  Bruce crafted this cross in sadness over the did help with his healing and stands as a memorial still.
Rocks are in such evidence in this land also only they are all moss covered in the very wet woods as the Mineral Springs Brook makes its way with springtime waters.
New plant life pokes its head through the earth just freed from winter freeze.  Does anyone know what this is called?
The sound of rushing water is so refreshing, exhilerating.  I wonder how many months the brook will run.  So many intrigues with a new property...and much work ahead for us.  The yurt will be going up when the land dries a bit more.  We will put in a spring box and of course a garden.  The studio is in the plans for the future.  We will take it slowly and as money is very short, we will be doing it ourselves and frugally.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


Unknown said...

It's lovely to see how your Spring is progressing. Will be interested to see how your studio progresses. Are you building the structure yourselves?

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This piece caught my attention...I especially like the line work next to the as you say watery blue!
The property sounds like one great seeing the first effects of spring....moss covered rocks and sparkling water...good work ahead!

Salon Delucca said...

beautiful land - my word verification is wooder! ha!

Altoon Sultan said...

Maggie, I have those pleated leaf plants growing around here but I have no idea what they are. I keep hoping they're wild leeks when I see them from a distance, but unfortunately they're not.

Maggie Neale said...

Oh shucks, I was hoping wild leeks! Just got back from Farmer's Market and bought wild leeks there, wanting to make the comparison.

I bought elderberry, blackberry, and garlic to plant. Might as well get at it while the rain is coming to keep them moist...planting here, not Lowell yet. More snow expected for Lowell.

Sophie Munns said...

Wow Maggie... interesting to read about your wonderful plans. i do hope to see more about what you are creating on your wonderful land! The brook is a delight and seeing signs of new growth.
Thanks for kind words and I wish you well with your show... good working!