Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snowflake Parcel---Land of Large Stones

Hurrah!  We have come back to VT from the Southwest.  The snow is gone from my north face hill and the signs of spring have begun to bloom.  Hurrah, because I now can use my computer whenever I want.  My sister doesn't want access, Mama's home didn't allow access to me, and even the airports were sketchy.  Couldn't get on in Dulles today without paying and I didn't feel the value since other connections in airports were so very slow and tedious!  Our hotel, courtesy of United because mechanical delays forced us another night away, only had a small area for WIFI in the lobby and internet cafes were more plentiful in Oaxaca Mexico 6 years ago than in Tucson.  It just wasn't what I could spend my time on and I must admit that I was surprised and I missed it!

So, here I am with many photos to share and the need to make them into stories.

The main reason for being in Tucson was to see my mother, no, it was to see my sister and help relieve her stress at dealing with Mama.  She arranged that the 4 of us scoot out of town for 3 days, the goal to investigate the parcel of land in Snowflake which Terryl has owned for 25 years and not developed...mostly because his plans are all grand and costly, and he hasn't won that megabucks yet.  So, start small and build up....a ramada and fire pit, why not?   The land is 6 hours away and higher, colder, with quite a wind blowing on both my visits there, but magical with incredible rock formations.
Mesquite and pinyon pine of which I gather the "amber" which I will experiment using with my wax in loo of the copal, also a tree resin.
Martha loves this piece of helps her relax and find her natural rhythms and appreciation of earth's bounties.
Terryl finds his cowboy self, geologist, and creative builder part of himself....such a dreamer.
The views stretch out almost 360 from the top, ancient flint making remains are found.
And sacred spaces is quite enchanted, but the clouds kept shifting covering the sun and the winds changed directions....we, Vermonters, enjoyed but also wanted more heat for our southwest trip.  Amazing how varied the landscape of Arizona.


Salon Delucca said...

welcome home Maggie - I enjoyed your photos very much :)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Glad to have you back. The photos are wonderful, beautiful rock formations and love the sky!

nancy neva gagliano said...

reconnected in one way, BUT then again, nothing quite like connecting with those great BIG Southwestern skies and rocks!! thanks for the virtual trip to my favorite land..

Altoon Sultan said...

What a beautiful landscape, Maggie. I love the stark drama of desert landscapes, but love living in the greens of Vermont. Welcome home!

Maggie Neale said...

Good morning Jeane, Mary Ann, Neva, and Altoon...yes, good to be home! I do love living in Montpelier, though the skies are not as big, the rivers are swollen and the ground oozes, daffodils open, and the cat runs wild. I can paint again!

Sarah said...

love the stones..!!