Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seat of Contemplation

This large painting enjoyed my concentration yesterday when it was determined that the solo class I thought I was teaching didn't pan out.  I did a couple of small projects, then turned to this 40x50 canvas to take my mind into a positive i got lost there!  Standing not sitting, but certainly in contemplation of how to keep what seemed of value, and how to bring more resolve to the painting.  The light was dimming so I took another with the flash, as shown below.
Neither seem quite the color I have in my mind's eye.  But it is always good to get a different viewing on a painting to see how it holds up.
A detail.  Not finished, but the wax surface needs to age before the next working entrance.
When I walked out the studio door this sky was astounding just above my head and my camera was in my hands.  How fortunate!  A true unusual beauty.  
Here is another beauty--Iko, the cat, a new guest, who has found the guest room on his own.  He has buried himself in covers and pillows behind a blow up "bean"--in hiding.  We have rescued this boy from an undependable home situation and a crazy dog who was always after wonder he hides.  We are working our love therapy on him.
Blessings and blue skies to all readers!

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layers said...

wow-40x50 is big-- good size and work.
glad you rescued kitty cat too.