Saturday, March 6, 2010

Joy of Spring Light

Spring light is infecting us even here in Vermont.  We don't have flowers yet, but I am painting them from all the memories gathered of the colors of springtime trying to keep up with the changing light.  This is detail of 30x30 habotai silk scarf, which I paint like a watercolor with the dyes spreading through the fibers of the cloth.  So freeing to let the colors make their own way, mingling with greater confidence than I could ever paint myself.

These are paintings which can change in each wearing.  Many more to iron today and I'll be getting a new batch up on  Seems I have a lot of different paths of my art and I am feeling behind in dealing with them all, also fragmented.  Though it is good to get back into silk painting, I have to divide the time I spend in the oil painting studio even more.  But the light is calling me out into the world where the  Farmer's Market brings me food home grown or produced.  Another pleasure.  We picked up a poster handmade by Bread and Puppet, maybe even Peter Schumann's work, for the cheap price of $5.  It reads "Eating is an Agricultural act."  (Yes, if I were giving this more time and thought I would have a image to ge with the quote....ah, maybe later.)
Triangles and spring light come into the oil on yupo work also.  Maybe I have already posted this, but feel it shows the overlap of my colors and forms from one medium to another.


Altoon Sultan said...

oh yes, isn't the light amazing today! and warm enough to sit on the porch taking it in.

Lovely spring colors in the scarf.

Salon Delucca said...

it is really feeling like spring here at your place! your colors are so wonderful - I always think of dying Easter eggs when I see these colors - I never know whether I've already left a comment here or over on flickr - anyway, love the scarves - I truly need to do some shopping at your etsy shop xxo