Thursday, January 14, 2010

Signs of the times

Ah, sign of the times....another winter walk, taking the road less taken, smelling the air and realizing it is so cold it has almost no smell at that purity? But I haven't taken a walk in nature for days. It has been cold, an arctic blast blowing. I felt that coldness when I waited in a parking lot to pick up an artist who had requested time to meet with me to make a plan about working together as she claimed I knew something about color and texture that she wanted to know about. She is not native to this area. She doesn't drive and communication is not always interpreted easily. She was uncertain that she could make her way to my studio with my directions, so we had arranged that I would meet her behind City Hall. Now both of us have cell phones, a sign of the times, and so i said we will call each other at 10:00, our meeting time. The word has come to me that Mercury is in retrograde, so that should explain to me that it wasn't strange that Anna didn't show up, that my 3 calls to her were not answered by her voice, but a canned request to leave a message, my final one was that I hoped she would call me when she got my message and we would make another arrangement. I have not heard from Anna and until I sat down to write about the sign of the times, that I took enough pause that I could find the unfinished connection with Anna that I left yesterday. Ah, breath, thank you.

I've found out today that my eyes were still correctable by changing the prescription and cataract surgery was not "a medical necessity". I ordered new glasses at a cost greater than $500 and because of the difficulty in the making it would take 10 days....hmmmm. How much change would there be to have the film lifted from my eyes?
I made 4 ads today, all different sizes for 4 papers to advertise the fabulous annual winter sale at Artisans Hand where "seconds" can be purchased for a price below regular and sometimes the seconds have more personality that the perfected. Anyway, it meant computer FOCUS time, taking a different path of thinking than I am most comfortable with, oh, that dangling participle! So I didn't think of Anna and my eyes, which had received and been stymied by 2 kinds of drops and a dilation, were working double time. I haven't even mentioned that Mama had a great sadness yesterday that she was stuck at the home where everyone was sad. My brother is overwhelmed in his own situations and he isn't "taking her out" and her Church family seems to have their own things too. A sign of the times. My sister wants Mama to be in Tucson, Fred getting ready to let her leave Ohio? So, my sister thinks when I come in March I ought to bring her out to live. Oh, my! Sign of the times! Make fast decisions, we are running out of time! Time is constrained, time is too tied up, time is fleeting and I don't have enough time to post a worthy blog, get to my studio, make the correct promotion connections, and be able to finish reading that book which seems to have disappeared......where is my time? sign of the times....please bear with me, I will post art again.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The first photo is calm peaceful and cold with a pathway that is clear, the second photo is of twists of branches crossing and crisscrossing. It would be impossible to walk through those branches without chaos. Hope all things clear away for you and you have the time and clear road back to colormusings! ha
Mary Ann

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Mary Ann...just got back from gypsy dancing it all away! Thanks for your words.

Candy said...

This is my first visit to your blog. (I'll be back.) I also checked out your gallery. I love the self-portrait of you holding your cat. The photos on your blog are lovely. After looking at your paintings, I must say that your blog is perfectly named. You have a way with color!

Maggie Neale said...

Welcome to Color Musings, Candy, and thank you for giving me a response...your words are important. Blogs are about expressing ideas, but the exchange makes it real.